TreatmentsPrice min. or fixed Price max.Remark
Consultation10 000 Ft
Consultation with price offer15 000 Ft
X-Ray and CB CT
panoramic X-ray (digital)
8 000 Ft
dental X-ray2 000 Ft/ piece
Chephalo X-Ray8 000 Ft/ piece
Postero-Anterior X-ray8 000 Ft/ piece
Cone Beam CT (8cm X 8cm)18 000 Ft/ piece
Cone Beam CT (5cm X 5cm)15 000 Ft/ piece
Burn on DVD2 000 Ft/ piece
Conservative dentistry
Tooth-colored fillings for front tooth18 000 Ft20 000 Ft
Tooth-colored fillings for premolar tooth:
one surface24 000Ft
two surface27 000 Ft
three surface 32 000 Ft
Tooth-colored fillings for molar tooth:
one surface30 000Ft
two surface36 000Ft
three surface 40 000Ft
tooth build-up16 000 Ft
core build-up16 500 Ft
custom veneers42 000 Ft
cervical fillings12 000 Ft14 000 Ft
Tooth scale removal22 000 Ft32 000 Ft
gold inlay50 000 Ft+ The cost of gold
gold-ceramic inlay50 000 Ft+ The cost of gold
ceramic inlay (circon, CAD/CAM)80 000 Ft
microceramic- composite Inlay (Gradia)55 000 Ft60 000 Ft
root canal treatment exploration, expansion15 000 Ft+ 10 000 Ft/root
root canal treatment (single-rooted tooth)20 000 Ft+ 10 000 Ft/root
occlusal splint device30 000 Ft
treatment of cervical sensitivity6 000 Ft/ tooth
Esthetic Dentistry
LUMINEERS BY CERINATE veneers170 000 Ft200 000 Ft/tooth
PHILLIPS ZOOM tooth whitening treatment150 000 Ft
tooth whitening treatment60 000 Ft90 000 Ft
internal tooth whitening30 000 Ft/ tooth
tooth jewelery20 000 Ft/ piece
Tooth replacements
Metal-ceramic crowns, bridge (CAD-CAM)75 000 Ft
Circon-ceramic crowns, bridge (CAD-CAM)95 000 Ft
Prettau 100% cirkon ceramic crown100 000 Ft
Metal-ceramic crowns with implant abutment100 000 Ft
Circon-ceramic crowns with implant abutment115 000 Ft
gold-ceramic (porcelain) crowns50 000 Ft+ The cost of gold
indirect shell45 000 Ft
press ceramic (E-Max)100 000 Ft
temporary crown prepared in our dentistry8 000 Ft/tooth
temporary crown prepared in our dental labour15 000 Ft20 000 Ft/ tooth
complete removable (lower and upper) prosthesis320 000 Ft
partial metal plate prothesis210 000 Ft
Roko prothesisCustom pricing!
hidden anchoring, combined worksCustom pricing!
telescopic anchoringCustom pricing!
pin abutments28 000 Ft
crown or bridge removal5 000 Ft/ cut
Oral surgery
tooth extraction (uncomplicated)15 000 Ft30 000 Ft
tooth extraction22 000 Ft35 000 Ft
tooth extraction surgery30 000 Ft60 000 Ft
Cysta surgery40 000 Ft60 000 Ft
surgical removal of an impacted tooth40 000 Ft60 000 Ft
mucosal surgery, small30 000 Ft45 000 Ft
mucosal surgery, large35 000 Ft50 000 Ft
laser surgery25 000 Ft50 000 Ft
sinus elevation80 000 Ft+ the price of the bone graft and the membrane
histological examination30 000 Ft
Depending on the type of the implant, size, or surgical technique150 000 Ft200 000 Ft/ piece
soft laser treatment5 000 Ft10 000 Ft
closed curette30 000 Ft50 000 Ft/ quadrant
open curette (surgically)35 000 Ft55 000 Ft
bone grafting15 000 Ft+ the price of the bone graft and the membrane
moving teeth splinting30 000 Ft50 000 Ft
consultation7 000 Ft
removable devices65 000 Ft80 000 Ft
activation5 000 Ft10 000 Ft
fixed metal190 000 Ft/ jaw
fixed porcelain220 000 Ft/ jaw
fixed porcelain and metal210 000 Ft/ jaw
activation5 000 Ft10 000 Ft/ jaw
self ligiating metal240 000 Ft/ jaw
self ligiating metal, innerBased on individual discussions.
retention device30 000 Ft/ jaw
Invisible devices:
Clear AllignerBased on individual discussions.
BioAllignerBased on individual discussions.
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