Children’s dental health plays a very important role in preserving their physical and mental integrity to reach a balanced state of mind every day. Many times the root cause of a problem is only recognized on the basis of secondary symptoms, as an aching tooth causes many other diseases besides hindering mastication. At such times, children’s ability to concentrate decreases, their attention slackens, they cannot get properly rested, and they get much more susceptible to various infections as their immune system is weakening. In addition, digestive complaints and stomach aches can also develop as a consequence of more perfunctory mastication. This is why parents are recommended to have a first appointment with their pediatric dentist when the child has no complaints whatsoever. The goal is that the child should not get a negative experience, a mental trauma by a dental examination, but it should rather be a pleasant and reassuring experience as much as possible.

Deciduous tooth filling: the aim is to preserve all milk teeth by the time of second dentition. The fourth year is most critical for deciduous teeth as both incisors and molars can grow carious. They can be treated by cemented filling or by polishing the carious part.

Deciduous tooth root canal treatment: A more advanced state of deciduous tooth caries. In such cases the decay is so deep that a simple milk tooth filling is insufficient. It usually occurs in the first deciduous molars.

Deciduous tooth extraction: This intervention is only recommended if the permanent tooth corresponding to the milk tooth to be extracted will erupt within a year. If this is not the case (meaning that the milk tooth has to be extracted earlier), it is recommended to apply a retainer.

Fissure sealing: Fissure sealing actually means that the deep fissures on the surfaces of molars are covered by a special substance with fluoride content to prevent subsequent decay. This intervention can be performed on deciduous molars as well, but is primarily proposed for permanent teeth, and should be completed at the age of 6-8 years. The treatment is absolutely painless as no tooth boring is required.


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