Implantology is a routine procedure applied in modern dental practice, in the course of which missing teeth are restored by implanting artificial roots. Implants are made of pure unalloyed titanium; this material is completely admitted by the living organism, it has no detrimental side effects.

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Dentures produced for implants are just as strong and properly usable as original teeth or dentures built thereon.





Bone of sufficient quantity and quality is required for implanting the implant, which can be ascertained by clinical and X-ray testing. In some cases, implantation can be performed even in case of insufficient bone supply as bone tissue can be ”generated” by various osteoblastic procedures.

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Total lack of lower teeth, restored
by a bridge galvanized on implants

Restoration of lower molars by implants


Impression stubs, technical implants, etc. as required for dentures on the implants to be implanted by us are supplied to the referring clinic.

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